Home Cleaning

Need to clean your home but too lazy, tired or busy to do it? Cleaning your house or apartment and making it the perfect showroom is what we are dedicating our business to accomplish in order to make your home an oasis of comfort. Our reliable and trustworthy service will keep your home looking spotless all around the clock. The Rapid Home Cleaning Service maids accommodate all of your demands and streamline all of your chores. Our services will keep your home looking beautiful all-year round while our innovative technology and highly trained professionals will ensure your home is picture perfect for the beauty of your space and your peace of mind.


Rooms are where we relax and kick-back after a long days work. They are our own personal sanctuaries, and maintaining them as such is important. Rapid Home Services understands how important it is to keep a bedroom looking spotless. In addition to duct cleaning services in Richmond Hill and cleaning services in Richmond Hill, we provide:

  • Picture frame dusting, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards.
  • Removal of cobwebs.
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces.
  • Vacuum/Mop all floors,carpets, rugs and stairs.
  • Vacuuming/Moping of all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs.
  • Vacuuming furniture
  • Emptying of wastebaskets.

To ensure a health and safe kitchen, our professional staff will take care of all of your kitchen cleaning needs. We provide:

  • Clean appliances, counters, cabinets and table.
  • Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing sinks.
  • Clean countertops and backsplashes.
  • Cleaning of all countertops and backsplashes.
  • Cleaning range tops and refrigerators top and exteriors.
  • Cleaning microwave ovens inside and out.

To ensure a clean and sanitized bathroom, our professional staff will service you by:

  • Cleaning and scrubbing showers, bathtubs and sinks.
  • Clean and sanitize vanities, backsplashes and toilets.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing vanities, backsplashes and toilets.
  • Cleaning mirrors.
  • Polishing crome.
  • Washing floors and tile walls.